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Katana Auxiliary
Here you will find all the necessary accessories for your collection of traditional Japanese weapons. Maintenance Kit for Katana swords, stand for keeping swords or dojo, covers, tatami omote (rice straw rolls) for exercises tameshigiri (cuts) and more.

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  • Huse
    Husele pentru pastrarea sabiilor sunt confectionate din matase, au modele si culori diferite si o calitate exceptionala.
  • Water/Sand Based Devices
    Water/sand based devices for practitioners of contact sports and martial arts. There are devices that can be easily positioned in any room or workout room without additional development work. The water/sand based device comes with empty tank. After positioning in the desired area, the tank is filled with water or sand. Water devices are easier to handle but if we fill with sand achieve increased stability. These devices are water/sand based modern devices can be used both in its dojo and flat.
  • Storage bag
    Storage bags for katana are accessories which help to carry perfectly safe your katana.
  • Omote Tatami
    Tatami Omote for tameshigiri. Very good quality; tested many times before being placed on our offer
  • Genti echipament
    Genti pentru transportul sau depozitarea în siguranţă a echipamentelor sportive destinate artelor marţiale.