We offer costumes for practicing martial arts, covering a wide range of styles. Basically are produced with the best price / quality ratio on the market today. Special cut allows for ample movement easily. It is obvious that the owners of these suits martial arts start with a big advantage over their opponents. Quality itself is an advantage!

We offer costumes for practicing martial arts, covering a wide range of styles. Basically are produced with the best price / quality ratio on the market today. Special cut allows for ample movement easily. It is obvious that the owners of these suits martial arts start with a big advantage over their opponents. Quality itself is an advantage!


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  • Belts
    Martial arts belts are made of cotton, various colors and lengths. There are white belt, yellow belt, red belt, orange belt, green belt, blue belt, purple belt, brown belt and black belt. There are also bi-colored belts or belts with stripes to mark the level of training of athletes. We offer silk belts, with 11 lines of stitching, of exceptional quality. We also offer fitness belts made ​​of leather, with width of 10 cm or fitness belt width of 15 cm. Belts are a very good value for money.
  • Karate Suits

    Karate martial artssuits, especially for practitioners of karate. They are the best quality suits made ​​of 100% cotton or blends, as specified each manufacturer. Our offer includes training suits, kumite competitions suits, hata competitions suits.

  • Karategi Kyokushin

    Karategi Kyokushin are suits for practitioners of martial arts grand master style followers Masutatsu Oyama. The tailored shirts have a single piece (not two as is usual karate suit) without fastening straps, sleeves are 3/4 of normal size. The pants are a little wider and longer (near ground level). The chest is embroidered dark blue kanji, meaning style.

  • Karategi Ashihara

    Karategi Ashihara are suits for practice Karate Ashihara style. They are made of 100% cotton. Shirt sleeves are short - 3/4 of the length of a normal sleeves. Chest embroidery style name is written in kanji. International Federation logo is embroidered on the sleeve. Best Budo is a brand, a guarantee of quality.

  • Kempo suits
    Kempo suit. This suit is made of 100% cotton. Kempo suit consists of a black shirt and pants with red diamonds. Kempo suit pants are white and have a special cut to allow ample limb movements specific to the sport. A suit of Kempo can be used both in training and in competitions kempo kempo. All items are made ​​with great care and concern for detail in order to suit Kempo offer the best quality!
  • Taekwondo Suits
    Taekwondo Suits made ​​of shirt and trousers made ​​of mixed textre (cotton and synthetic) for a good resistance and comfort in use. Specific name is Dobok taekwondo suit. Blouse is not open in the front and like a dress shirt. The opening is triangular in shape and finished by a white band, black, red or black, depending on the level of the practitioner. A cut trouser suit specific species of taekwondo to allow ample movements. Is tightened at the waist with the elastic system and a lanyard attachment ensures safety. We offer both certified Dobok WTF approved for official competitions and Dobok energy-saving, excellent quality but lower prices.
  • Judo suits
    Judo suits made ​​of 100% cotton. The material used is of the type "rice grain". The seams are strong, to resist tensile and supported applications. Pants suits have doubled reinforcements on areas areas that come into contact with the ground more often. An excellent training and competition equipment.
  • Jiu Jitsu Suit
    There are jiu jitsu cotton suits density for practicing jiu jitsu style. Texture material jiu jitsu suit is great and gives a very good excellent resistance answering requests being put jiu jitsu suit during training or competitions. Offer includes several types of suits including suits for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Sport Chanbara Suits
    Sport Chanbara suit made ​​of cotton, bicolor, with ¾ sleeves. There are suits for sports training and Chanbara competitions. Sports Chanbara Blouses is loose and catch the waist with a belt whose color signifies the wrestler (can be purchased separately - not supplied with the suit). Pants receive a special cut that allows execution ample movements, specific to this sport. Sports Chanbara suits have a special design, elegant, one of the most spectacular martial arts suits.
  • Ninjutsu suits
    Ninja Shozoku to practice Ninjutsu. Shozoku Ninja suit is composed of several elements. Shirt made ​​for ninja shozoku is equipped with multiple pockets for various weapons used by shinobi. Shozoku ninja trousers is also provided with special laces to tighten pants around knees. For hands ninja shozoku has special protection to be put over sleeves suit. The price includes and hood. Shozoku Ninja and does not come with belt or tabi. There are included only ninja suit.
  • Wu Shu Suits
    Sanda-Sanshou suits. Sanda-Sanshou costume is a costume for practicing wushu - kung fu. Sanda-Sanshou costume consists of shorts and sleeveless blouse. The material from which it is made Sanda-Sanshou tunic blouse is polyester material with a robust texture and perforations that allow the body to breathe. Sanda-Sanshou suit trousers are made of rayon. The cut allows the athlete a remarkable ease in performing foot techniques. Training and competition costumes for Sanda-Sanshou Budo Best brand are the best equipment for martial arts.
  • Muay Thai Trousers
    Pants to practice martial arts. Whether discussing judo pants or trousers karate trousers designed to replace older or about kick boxing trousers - trousers for training or competition - or shorts for muay thai or boxing, our range of trousers for martial arts is extremely diversified. You can choose trousers for martial arts that suits you!
  • Sport suits
    Sport suits. Sport suits are made of cotton or polyester blend. We offer sport suits for training presentation. The sport suits for martial arts have a stylish cut harmoniously combines different colors. There are sport suits for practitioners of martial arts, with a special cut, allowing for maximum mobility movements.
  • Hakama & Keikogi
    Hakama is a traditional Japanese skirt. This clothing - hakama - was originally worn only by men, but now hakama is worn by both sexes. Hakama is tied at the waist and down the length up around the ankles, being worn over a hakamashita (kimono). Rear of hakama has a semi-rigid section (koshi-ita) which supports the lumbar area. On the inside of it is caught hakama-dome (a spoon shaped component) which helps keep the rear when worn in regular pants. Keikogi. Keikogi is a blouse or training uniform used in the practice of martial arts. Keiko Japanese language means "practice" and gi means "coat". There is also the term used instead of keikogi dogs. It shall be the chest with two strings. The material used is material keikogi "grain of rice".
  • Boxing suit
    Boxing suit. It's a boxing suit made ​​of polyester, consisting of blouse and short. This suit can be used for boxing competitions too. The costume has a boxing short with a modern design with a length almost to knees. Boxing blouses is made ​​of a perforated material which allows good ventilation of the body. Both elements of the boxing suit provides maximum comfort both in training and in competition. It is a best quality boxing suit.
  • Kickboxing - Karate...
    Trousers for practicing martial arts, kickboxing pants specific practice. The trousers are made ​​from cotton.
  • Sambo suit
    Suit for sport sambo, martial art of Russian origin which is related to Japanese judo. Sambo shirt is made of rice grain material, very durable. Sambo use blue and red colors. Sambo pants are shorts. Standing sambo fighters have special boots (sold separately sambo suit). Sambo suit has belt included.
  • Vo Phouc
    Vo Phouc is suit for practicing martial arts Vietnamese - Qwankido.
  • MMA trousers
    Pants for practicing MMA mixed martial arts styles. With an attractive design made ​​of durable materials produced by Budo Best, MMA pants tries to satisfy all tastes of the toughest sports enthusiast with roots in martial arts.
  • Vophuc - Vovinam suits
    Vovinam Viet Co Dao suits. They are the best quality suits made ​​of 100% cotton or blends, as specified each manufacturer. Our Vophuc coverage includes training suits, suits for competitions.
  • MMA suits
    MMA suits. Suits made ​​of lycra for practicing mixed arts. Great color combinations, ease of use, elegance and a winning spirit of their MMA suits recommend them as a product of the highest quality!
  • Karategi Shinkyokushin
    Karategi Shinkyokushin pentru practicarea artelor marțiale. Este un kimono specific stilului Shinkyokushin, cu broderie în piept de 13 cm și pe mânecă. Un kimono karate excelent pentru antrenament și competiții.
  • Rashguard
    Rashguard-ul este o bluză de protecție împotriva abraziunilor generate de lupta la sol și frecarea trupului de saltele.
  • Compression
    Costume ce se mulează pe corp pentru a susține mușchii și a-i menține în formă maximă.
  • Treninguri

    Treninguri de prezentare, in combinatii cromatice diverse, confectionate din microfibra, avand captuseala din plasa.

  • Tricouri

    Tricouri cu imprimeuri specifice artelor martiale.

  • Sport shoes
    Sports shoes for practicing martial arts. It is a special footwear for sports that have their roots in the Far Eastern martial arts. It is made of leather, imitation leather or cloth. It generally has a special locking system that avoids the presence on the shoe laces so that strikes these surfaces do not result in injury training partner or opponent in the competition. Sports such as boxing and Taekwondo are required by regulation to use special shoes competitions. There are traditional footwear and dawn, tabi, geta or kung fu shoes. This sports shoes is not mandatory but all practitioners of traditional martial arts use. We offer a variety of sports footwear in desire to meet your needs.
  • Kimono Kudo
  • Kimono BJJ
  • Kimono Kyokushin Kan
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Showing 1 - 12 of 88 items