Accessories for competitions. These devices are required in competition sports event specific contact sports and martial arts. We offer accessories as competitions flags arbitration gong ring, bell ring, the Romanian flag, EU flag, score pad, pipe or box scissors (for cutting the buttocks). These competitions are indispensable devices for better...

Accessories for competitions. These devices are required in competition sports event specific contact sports and martial arts. We offer accessories as competitions flags arbitration gong ring, bell ring, the Romanian flag, EU flag, score pad, pipe or box scissors (for cutting the buttocks). These competitions are indispensable devices for better development of martial arts matches.


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  • Punching Bag
    Best quality punching bag. If you want a leather punching bag with a unique design, a punching bag cheap but quality, uppercut punching bag, a punching bag hook for special shots, all of which can be found in our store for martial arts equipment . Punching bag are an extremely popular training devices. Also the punching bag training is extremely effective. Do not miss our special offer for punching bags. On request we can made different special punching bags.
  • Human dummy
    Dummies for practicing martial arts. Our offer of dummies for training is extremely diverse: Wing Chun Dummy (wooden dummy) model judo dummy with the water, etc.. These training dummies have different construction types are made ​​from different materials, but all aim to improve the performance of martial artists. Work on dummies is highly effective, both to improve techniques and to improve fitness.
  • Training devices
    Workout machines for preparing practitioners of martial arts. There are workout machines that are found in other sports too, but there are also specific martial arts training equipment - such as broken boards with the possibility of reuse. Our offer of training devices include: the machine crunches, bar pullups, pushups bars, elastic rope, extensor, flexor, dumbbell, jump rope. With this devices you can develop strength training and speed training and you can complete complex martial arts regardless of style practiced.
  • Medicine Ball
    Medicine ball. Our range includes medicinal balls of different weights from 1 kg up to 10 kg . These medicinal balls are made of artificial leather. Medicine ball are used in general trainng but are used in sample preparation for admission to various institutions of higher learning, the most widely used medicinal balls are balls, medicine balls, medicine 2 kg and 4 kg. Medicine ball training devices are extremely simple and accessible, while being extremely useful in martial arts training.
  • Focus pad
    Training focus pad with various shapes for martial arts training and contact sports. Training focus pads are made of reliable and resilient materias, and there are for absorbing shock, frees coach. The offer is generous for training focus pad, boxing focus pad of leather or synthetic leather. These focus pad training have different shapes and sizes, round, ovals etc. We offer the best quality for our focus pads for martial arts training.
  • Training rockets
    Training rockets. This range is specific to Taekwondo practitioners. Taekwondo rockets has two prototypes constructive simple wide and double wide. Simple taekwondo rocket is made of leather or imitation leather, and the impact area has a oval extension made ​​of one piece. Double taekwondo rocket has a holding area, however, the impact area is composed of two elements that take the shock, also hitting each other and amplifying the sound of impact. Training rockets were taken and other martial arts styles, integrating them into training programs. A product Budo Best of the best quality!
  • Makiwara
    Makiwara is a training device specific of Japanese martial arts . Makiwara are mainly used in karate do. There are makiwara that wall bracket with a damping system practiced wood cuts which are built on the ground or mounted makiwara, shaped wood planks and the flexibility and cushioning take the shot, thus protecting the joints. Makiwara has a piece of leather in impact area to protect punch. Makiwara - a simple to use, very practical martial arts training.
  • Training shields
    Training shields for martial artsThere are training shields made ​​of leather or artificial leather. These shields are used in the training arms and legs exercices. Some of them are used in Muay Tai shields, the shiled can be positioning in different arms and legs areas for a wide range of shots. A wide range of specific training are Kokushin Karate shields, foot shields, trianing shields for practicing gedan mawashi techniques. Another choice is the economic training shiled made ​​of poyplan - having polyethylene foam interior.There are very strong training shileds at preferential price. An efficient equipment for martial arts training
  • Martial arts training...
    Equipment for martial arts training. These training devices are designed to help athletes progress in learning. Practicing the punch bag strikes, work with partner or pallets palm fighter can greatly accelerate development. Also, training in girdle, mannequin, makiwara, pear, box or box platform helps the athlete during upward. Training devices and medicinal balls, tightening, jump ropes, elastic ropes, dumbbells, flexoarele, extensoarele - all support physical development and growth of skills and sports skill.
  • Cold Warm Compress
    Cold/warm compress are used to reduce inflammation and to reduce swelling. There are many types of compresses: cold compresses, warm compresses, packs instant cold compress reusable thermal gel packs (gel compresses are kept in the refrigerator to accumulate cold or heated in the microwave to provide heat). Disposable Cold/warm compress packs have the advantage that should not be prepared in advance. These Cold/warm compress packs gather simply hand it causes a chemical reaction that releases cold and can be applied immediately on the painful area.
  • Jump ropes
    Jump ropes for training. Jump ropes are among the most commonly encountered and training devices. From simple jump ropes, jump ropes bearing the less complex or jump ropes with counter our offer covers a wide range of applications. You will find jumping ropes with plastic handles or wooden handles. Or jump ropes made ​​of plastic or a superior leather jump ropes. A simple training device, to everyone - jump rope!
  • Weights
    Weights for martial arts training. There is weights for training workouts for arms and leg . Another type of weights is constructive universal strain model. These weights instead of sand have metal bars. Being placed in small pockets, the athlete can insert or remove the weights and weight heaviness personalizing each workout. An easy to use training device for achieving great performance!
  • Double-end balls
    Double-end ball for boxing and martial arts training. Double-end ball attachment is a ball with a shank on the ends (usually metallic) which cling two elastic cords that are attached to the floor and the ceiling. There are classical double-end balls (round) and oval double-end balls. Often in catching double-end balls one end is rigid (usually the top) and the other is elastic. Obtain some ball trajectory control, especially where it niveluluii moving.
  • Speed ball
    Speed ball. Speed boxing ball is a simple training device that consists of a ball with pear shape, and a narrower grip the head. Speed ball develop speed, coordination, attention, pace athlete and martial artist. An excellent training device in contact sports!
  • Cleaning kit
    Cleaning kits to keet in a good condition of your swords. Grinded the katana.
  • Boxing Sets
    Boxing sets composed of various elements that will help in training martial arts and boxing.
  • Speed ball platforms...
    Speed ball platform in different constructive types, some of them allowing the height after having been fixed to the wall. Training stations allow execution of specific exercises martial arts in various positions and with different means.
  • Flexor
    The flexor are extremely simple and very effective. By compressing them and repeating movements produce a force development palms. An easy to use training device for achieving great performance!
  • Extensors
    Extensors are extremely simple and very effective. An easy to use training device for achieving great performance!
  • Elastic Ropes
    Elastic cords are used in martial arts training. You can practice karate kicks or projections of judo for example. There are several structural models: a handle, 2 handles, with socket outlet leg or trellis. It is an easy tool but very useful exercise in developing high performance road sporting qualities.
  • Sac bulgaresc
    Sacul bulgaresc este un echipament de antrenament cu forma de semiluna, excelent pentru exercitii de forta, antrenament cardiovascular si exercitii de fitness. Un sac bulgaresc poate fi confectionat din piele, panza sau piele artificiala. In interior sacul bulgaresc are nisip. Greutatea sacului bulgaresc poate varia intre 5 kg si 23 kg. In partea superioara sunt doua manere flexibile ce permit executarea de exercitii pentru antrenarea partii superioare si a celei inferioare a corpului. Acest sac bulgaresc ajuta si dezvoltarea fortei de prindere.
  • Martial arts mats
    Specific combat areas consist of contact sports mats - various thicknesses and colors - or floors or platforms. Judo has taken traditional Japanese tatami using it both in training and in competition. In today's competitive tatami has a thickness of 4 cm is made ​​of a very dense Burt (230 kg/m3). Generally a mattress has dimensions of 2x1 m Karate and Taekwondo are also over-sized tatami use. They have a thickness of 2-3 cm and are made of polyvinyl acetate - a substance that protects against sudden shocks, resistant to moisture, is antibacterial, oil resistant, antistatic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly. The grip is the puzzle and mattress size 1x1 m Boxing fight is one of the areas oldest and most famous. Whether it's about training rings composed only of ropes or rings marking surface AIBA competition, all designed to make the area of combat sports like boxing, kick boxing or Muay Thai.
  • Bags and covers
    Bags and covers for transport training equipment have a particularly important role in the practice of martial arts. Using specific equipment and martial arts weapons suits or traditional. What could be more appropriate than a bag to transport the equipment can put clothes and shoes in a compartment to another compartment bag also proposed separate us? Walking sticks and we bokken's special covers after how we iaito katana or special bags that allow transport in the hand or on the shoulder. The complex bags you can carry a wide variety of weapons such as sports bag Kobudo training. Feel free to view our entire offer for you to choose the bag that suits you.
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