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Ninjutsu Weapons
Traditional weapons used by ninjutsu practitioners. Ninja to, Shaken and shuriken, Sarbacane, anchors, specific tanto, a complex of weapons training. Products offered for practitioners of martial arts, particularly ninjutsu, by Budo Best

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  • Tachi
    Tachi were predominantly used weapons on the battlefield. Tachi was a long sword with a more pronounced curvature used by fighters on horseback. Ensemble warrior-horse was very strong.
  • Katana
    Handmade Japanese Swords to the highest quality standards. Shinken with different forging types, treated at different temperatures. Also parts for repair, sharpening or even making a katana zero as you like.
  • Wakizashi
    Wakizashi este sabia japoneză scurtă. Aceste săbii sunt folosite cu o mână şi au fost purtate de multe ori ca o sabie complementară unei Katana (sabia japoneza lungă). Un set potrivit de Katana şi Wakizashi se numeşte Daisho. Numai samurailor li se permitea să poarte două săbii în Japonia antică.
  • Tanto
    Tanto, Japanese dagger. It is also known as the short sword, accompanying tachi as the second weapon in the arsenal samurai (later had to be replaced by katana and Wakizashi).
  • Naginata / Yari
    Long-handled sword or halberd. A weapon used in Japan feudal consisting of a wooden handle by about 2 meters long, having a curved blade sharpened on one side (the convex side). Yari is the Japanese spear.
  • Katanakake (stative...
    Katanakake. Stative pentru armele japoneze. Sunt stative verticale si orizontale ce pot sustine una, doua, treai sau pana la 10 arme diferite. Majoritatea stativelor (katanakake) sunt confectionate din lemn. Pot fi stative de masa, stative de perete dar si stative de podea (au un sistem de sustinere a mai multor arme, stativul punandu-se direct pe podea).
  • Components
    Components and parts used for customizing the traditional Japanese swords. Their acquisition gives it a special elegance and unique swords.
  • Katana Auxiliary
    Here you will find all the necessary accessories for your collection of traditional Japanese weapons. Maintenance Kit for Katana swords, stand for keeping swords or dojo, covers, tatami omote (rice straw rolls) for exercises tameshigiri (cuts) and more.
  • Shinai
    Shinai sword is wooden (bamboo) used in kendo. Weapons are made ​​of materials resistant training for practicing martial arts.
  • Bokken
    Bokken is a wooden Japanese sword used in kenjutsu. There are training weapons made ​​of resistant materials for practicing martial arts.
  • Kodachi
  • Bo
  • Jo
    Jo is a middle stick with a length of approximately 1.27 m. The Middle Stick School - jo is called jodo or jojutsu. It is an ancient Japanese weapon used in Nihon Kobudo (not to be confused with the Okinawa Kobudo). One of the modern martial arts - aikido - uses within its curriculum Jodo techniques. Nowadays jo is still used by some units of the Japanese police.
  • Tessen
    Tessen - fans of fighting used by samurai.
  • Armour
    Yoroi is the armor that was wearing by samurais, Japanese warriors on the battlefield. An important piece of this armor is Kabuto - helmet.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 90 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 90 items